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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I determine into which age group my child will play?
The USSSA and Babe Ruth baseball year is from August 1st-July 31st.  The age group in which your child can play is determined by his age on April 30th, 2019.  If you prefer, your child can play up one age group.  Your child cannot play down an age group.

2) Which park will my child practice and play?
This depends on your child's age group.
   - Athletes playing in 3U through 6U age groups will play at Paula Park.
   - Athletes playing in 7U through 12U age groups will play at Stevens Park.
   - Athletes playing in 13U through 18U age groups will play at St. Amant Park.

3) When is practice, scrimmages and games?
This depends on the number of teams in each group.  Time slots for practices are selected under the supervision of the Park Commissioner at the age group's draft.  Before the season begins, most teams will have at lease one practice in the evening during the week (Mon, Wed or Friday) or a combination of them and one time slot on Saturday.  Tee Ball is usually one practice a week.

Depending on the number of teams in an age group, the first practice/scrimmage/game on a night during the week will begin at 6 pm.  The second practice/scrimmage/game of the night will begin between 7 pm and 8:30 pm.  The younger the age group, the earlier the start of the second practice/game.

Once the season begins, there will be no practices during the week.  Most teams will continue to practice in their time slot on Saturday.

Scrimmages and games are held Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with usually two games on each field per night.  This again depends on the number of teams in a league.

4) Is there a tryout?
No, we have a preview that most of the athletes participate in. It is a few simple drills to help the coaches determine a good distribution of the talent in the league.  Every child that is registered will be on a team.

5) Is my child guaranteed to play?
Every child on a team is required by our By-Laws to participate in at least one inning on defense and have at least one at bat in every game.  Unless there are disciplinary reasons, your child will participate in every game. However, every child is not guaranteed to same amount of playing time as everyone else. Any time you feel your child is not being treated fairly, please talk with your Head Coach, your Park Commissioner, and the President in that order.

6) How competitive is the ABC league?
ABC is a recreational youth baseball league. 

The Fall league is considered purely instructional.  No age groups keep score.  This is a time to really focus on the fundamentals of baseball and how to improve for the Spring League.  They play scrimmages rather than games.  This gives the coaches the ability to better instruct the players during play.

The Spring league is much more competitive.  All ages groups from 6U and up keep score.  All age groups 7U and up track balls, strikes and outs.  There are times where there is a large discrepancy in athletic ability among players.  Everyone from players to parents to coaches are expected to be very helpful and encouraging to every player no matter his ability.  While the Spring is competitive, our league is recreational and not the major leagues.  We try to provide any child who wants to play and enjoy baseball, the opportunity to do.

7) What equipment do I need for my child to play baseball?
The league does not have any equipment to provide teams or players.  Each player should have his own glove, bat, batting helmet, and cleats.  Some coaches may have some equipment for the team to share.  Please do not assume that team members will share their equipment.  This is a decision to be determined by parents and coaches.

8) How much is registration, and what is included? Payment Accepted? Refunds?
For Fall, Registration is June 1 thru July 16.
3U-5U is $
6U is $
7U-8U is $
9U-12U is $
14U is $
18U is $

For Spring, 2019 Registration is January 1 through February 16.
3U-5U is $60
6U is $75
7U-8U is $80
9U-12U is $85
14U is $90
18U is $95

Each athlete is provided with a jersey and cap.  It is the parents' responsibility to supply baseball pants and shoes/cleats. Parents are not expected to pay anything other than registration, unless the parents choose to do so.

Accept VISA or Mastercard as online payments.  Checks made out to "Ascension Baseball Council" or "ABC" are accepted in person.  There will be a $25 NSF fee.

Refunds are not issued unless is is something that the league has done.  NO refund will be given if your child decides not to play, they are not on the team with their friends, they can't play a particular night, you or your spouse decides they can't play, your child only plays part of the season, etc...

9) Can I select the team or coach with which I want my child to play?
This is a summary of much of the information, but we encourage you to read through our By-Laws to see how every situation is handled.

In the following age groups: 6U, 7U, 9U, 11U, 13U, and 15U - Every athlete will go through the preview and will be drafted.  There are 3 exceptions to this rule:
   i) You are the Head Coach of a team.
   ii) You are the official Assistant Coach of a team.  The Head Coach can name one official Assistant Coach before the age group's preview for the Assistant Coach's child to be on the team.
   iii) You are the only official Sponsor of team.  $400 or more can be donated to a specific team for their use only.  The donation must be made through ABC and before the preview for the Sponsor's child/or appointed player to be on the team.

Returning players in the following age groups: 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, 17U, and 18U are automatically on the same team as the previous season.  If it is a non-returning player in these age groups, that athlete must attend the preview and be selected in the draft.

10) Does my child have to return to the same team in the second year?
No, when you register your son, please make a note that you would like him to re-enter the draft.

11) Is it possible to have all my children on the same team?  What about friends?
As long as they are all age appropriate for a team, all siblings are automatically placed on the same team, unless requested differently by his parents.
Ages 3 thru 5 can request to play with their friends, but there is no guarantee this will happen.  For ages 6U and up, no request are taken. In the Spring, players who are not obligate are selected through draft or blindly drawn from a hat.  In the Fall, players who are not obligated players are drawn from a hat.

12) How do I volunteer to be a coach, umpire, etc.?
Please review our web pages listed in the heading as "VOLUNTEERS" and "UMPIRES."  Instructions of what to do are on these pages.

13) How long is the season?
Please review our "EVENT CALENDAR" link on our home page, which will give you a good indication of everything that will occur during the current season.

Practices begin in mid-February.  The regular season is typically begins the first week of March and is completed by the first week of June. However, it is important to keep in mind that if your son becomes an All-Star, the season will extend through July 4th.

14) Does every child receive an award?
No, in the Spring season, awards are provided in the following manner:
   i) 3U-5U all receive a participation medal.
   ii) 6U-18U  Champions and Runner-ups in each age group receive a ring.

There are no awards for the Fall Season.

15) How do we know about Rainouts or other cancellations of play?
We will do our best to update our internet site ( and our facebook page (Ascension Baseball Council) as timely as we can.  Please keep in mind that we are all volunteers and many of us have full-time jobs.  We will notify everyone through these various methods as soon as we know for sure.

16) If I see misconduct, unacceptable behavior, rule breaking, or cheating, to whom do I report this information?
Depending on who you are reporting, it should go in the following order: Your Head Coach, the Park Commissioner, and the buck stops with the President.  It is easy to contact anyone on our "CONTACT US" page.
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